National Offices

National Headquarters

7901 Jones Branch Drive
Suite 240
McLean, VA 22102
Toll-Free: 1-800-929-4040
Main: 703-691-3179
Fax: 703-691-2713

New York

515 Madison Avenue
Suite 1912
New York, NY 10022
Main: 212-207-1974
Fax: 917-338-5130

Resources & Information

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) provides resources for informational purposes only. The materials contained here are not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem nor to provide legal advice or opinions. Health information should always be reviewed with your health care provider. An attorney should be contacted for advice on legal issues.

If you’re having an emergency, call 911.

Before you reach out to FARE, please note, FARE does not recommend specific:

  • • Manufacturers
  • • Ingredients
  • • Food and beauty products
  • • Restaurants
  • • Schools and colleges
  • • Health care professionals
  • • Legal professionals

Additionally, FARE staff does not:

  • • Review 504 plans,  sit in on school meetings, or resolve compliance issues
  • • Research ingredients in food, medication or other items
  • • Share petitions
  • • Provide diagnosis or review symptoms

We recommend using the search bar on the top of our site to answer your questions, or using the widget to the bottom right, which will help you explore our knowledge base.  Using keywords such as "peanut" or "504" or "anaphylaxis", as opposed to full sentences, will help you find the information you're looking for more effectively.

If you are still unable to get the answers or information you seek, please use our contact form.